Safe Provisions security guards are the face and heartbeat of our business. Our security guards will never hide inside of a patrol car. On the contrary, our security guards prioritize making themselves visible and available when working a property. Our security guards are trained to not be robotic but alert and watchful of their environment. We take security very seriously and it is by being fully prepared and extensively trained that we are able to provide a strong, effective security force.


Our strict employment process ensures that we hire the most qualified security professionals. The security guards must meet our extensive qualifications in order to join our team. In addition to the background check received by the State of Michigan,our security guards must also pass a second criminal check and an initial drug test before being hired. All hired security guards will be subjected to random drug testing.

Safe Provisions does not believe in mass-hirings and leaving the security guard selection/hiring process to just any individual. We believe that job interviews are very personal and meet with all qualified applicants face to face before making a final decision.


A professional and uniformed security guard will be chosen to work your property. Because Safe Provisions hiring process is extensive, we will never just send a random body to work your property. We feel this common mistake, practiced by too many security companies, is what has contributed to the downfall of the private security industry. Our security guards are not numbers in a database, but individuals that we have hand-picked, with specific skill sets. The security guards selected to work your property will be sharp and professional in appearance, motivated and energetic, experienced and trained.

Our security guards will not walk from point to point, looking bored. They will be watchful, observant and alert to the specific environment they have been chosen to work in.

Our Road Supervisor conducts random spot checks of the security guards on duty. Our 24 hour in-house Dispatch communicates with the security guards during the guard’s shift.