Providing services for businesses, attorneys and private individuals. We find out what you need to know as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our professional investigative staff is among the best in the industry and is committed to excellence and integrity. As a full-service security firm, we provide full-service private investigative services that include surveillance, background checks, records research, pre-employment screening, missing person cases, cheating spouse investigations and more. Specifically, our duties and assignments often include:

  • Undercover operations to evaluate employee honesty and performance.
  • Gathering of evidence and interviews for divorce cases, child custody hearings and missing person cases.
  • Computer database, credit background and public records searches for criminal and civil investigations.
  • Investigation of cash shortages and theft or embezzling through the review of ledgers, sales transactions and register tapes as needed.
  • Fraudulent insurance claims investigation and exposure
  • Investigation of an organization’s financial standings and accounting.
  • Background investigations for both corporations and private individuals for a variety of legal reasons.